Pandemic Updates

Together through the Pandemic

NOTICE: Due to the Recent Pandemic that has affected the World, our current Estimated Production Time for all Orders is 3-7 Business Days.

Recent events have caused slight delays for our Production with limited-operation for some of our Warehouses and a higher volume of Orders.

As the World comes together to beat this pandemic, Dharma Vibes is here to continue providing the best service we can to our customers during this difficult time.

For all our Customers, most of our items are still shipping from our USA Warehouses located in North Carolina, Florida, and New York. However, for certain items we may have to re-route the item to our warehouses in Europe/Asia for Production based on the availability and the location of our Customer.

There has been recent news of countries all over the World being placed on Lockdown since March, so this may cause some slight delays in Delivery due to the Shipping Companies having to deliver high volumes of shipments with safety. However, not to worry because all Cargo Shipments are still operating during these Lockdowns and everything is still scheduled for delivery through all the Shipping Carriers (UPS, DHL, Fed Ex, USPS).

The majority of our Orders have been shipped on-time and delivered safely during this Pandemic to customers all over the World. However, for situations where an Order is lost or delayed, our Team is doing their absolute best to provide urgent solutions for our customers. If your Order is lost or delayed, our Team will expedite ship a Replacement to you via DHL to assure safe delivery.

For any customers who need their item quickly due to the item being a Gift or for a Special Occasion, please reach out to our Support Team so we can expedite ship your item to you as quickly as possible to prevent further delays. You may contact our Support Team at

We would just like to please ask our customers to be patient at this time since many Essential Workers, Shipping Companies, and Factories are on the front-lines and it's their duty to provide services to the entire World during this pandemic, so your kindness is much appreciated.

We are truly doing our best to give our Customer's the best service we can during this period. Unfortunately this epidemic has affected our business, our warehouses, the Shipping Carriers, and caused some unfortunate delays. Rest assured we will continue to work hard to give our Customer's the best service we can during this time and do anything we can to improve these delays.

With love and light to you and the entire Universe, Namaste <3
-Dharma Vibes