About Us

Dharma Vibes was started in 2016 with a vision to help bring love and light to the world with our products and our artists. With a strong passion and love for everything to do with Spirituality, Meditation, Yoga, Buddha, and everything in-between, I knew this was a great opportunity to turn my passion into something bigger that could help people all around the world. It was my mission to let our divine artwork bring happiness to our customers, whether you just love the artwork and you think it looks awesome on your wall, or you truly connect with it on a deeper spiritual level. Our products are perfect for anyone and everyone in the entire Universe, we truly believe in absolute unity in the Universe, no matter your race, ethnicity, religion, or no matter what Planet you come from, we love you and we are so grateful to have the opportunity to share that passion and bond with our customers. Our Team is also very diverse, our Artists, Factories, and Team is from all around the World, but we all share the same passion for Dharma Vibes with every product we push out together. We've happily served thousands of customers all over the World in some of the most beautiful countries, which is a dream come true honestly, as we never expected Dharma Vibes to grow this big and to now have a shocking 300,000 passionate followers on Social Media!

Our Artists are very skilled and passionate for their craft of creating artwork that will take you on a journey into another dimension. They specialize in creating beautiful masterpieces, everything from Sacred Geometry, Mandala, OM, Transcension, Visionary, Buddha, Wolves, Elephants, and a wide variety of stunning art pieces.

Thank you to our Dharma Vibers and our entire Dharma Tribe for helping us continue to grow each day.