Ride With The Wolves

Hey there Dharma Viber,

Hope all is well & good. It's thought that within each of us lies a spirit animal - an ethereal being that is always looking over us & protecting us as we move through life. There are many ways to "find out" what your spirit animal is (which I'll get to in a future email in the next few days - look out for that!), but for now, I'd like to share with you my own spirit animal - the Wolf.

Wolves represent loyalty, courage, strength, and compassion, and you may experience dreams of wolves if your life is lacking in any of those areas. Wolves have evolved alongside mankind over thousands of years, so they are deeply connected to our lives. Many cultures, such as the Native Americans, have celebrated wolves for generations, and continue to do so. 

Although wolves have great spiritual significance, you don't have to be a total hippie to reap the benefits of wolf energy. The next time you are meditating or doing an intense yoga session (or are just waiting for the bus), try focusing your concentration on the loving, peaceful warrior energy of wolves. You might just be surprised what happens!


Stay blessed,

~ Dharma Vibes

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