Are Your Chakras Out of Balance?

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Hope you're having an awesome day. In the last few blogs I talked about meditation and why it's beneficial. In this email I'd like to talk about chakras - specifically, how to tell if any of your chakras are out of balance. Here are 3 simple tips to see if any one of your chakras are due for a re-aligning:

1. You've been experiencing stress & anxiety

It's talked about so much that it's become a kind of catch-all phrase for describing anything that's bad - "stress & anxiety". Although it may be cliché, in this case, it's true - stress and anxiety are the easiest to recognize signs that one or more of your chakras may be out of balance.

2. You've recently been having conflicts with loved ones

We all experience the occasional quarrel with people we are close to, but if you are experiencing persistent, repeated arguments with your close

friends & family, it may be a sign that a chakra balancing is in order. At the very least, you should consider meditating on the issues to see if you can gain a new perspective on them.

3. You've undergone a dramatic change in your personality.

Changes throughout life are normal - it is in fact healthy to change as we progress on our life journey. However, when the change is rapidnegative, and unlike other changes we've experienced in the past, it may be in part because of a chakra misalignment.


It can be tricky to determine if something has been caused by an out-of-balance chakra or something ordinary & mundane. By becoming more in-tune with ourselves, we can better understand why we feel the way we feel and be more adept at identifying the causes of these issues in the future.

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~ Dharma Vibes

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