5 Minute Yoga Exercise

Yoga for busy people 💼


I promised in my last blog that I would show you an awesome yoga exercise specifically designed for beginners. Without further ado, let's get right into it (for help with any terms pertaining to yoga-talk you don't recognize, feel free to head on over to google images - cute cat pics not included).


1) Start in Child's Pose- a pose great for stretching out your entire body and feeling the calming energy of the earth. Just rest here for 10 deep breaths, inhaling through your nose & out through your mouth.


 2) Then, move onto your hands & knees and prepare to alternate between Cow Pose & Cat Pose. Take one deep breath in for Cow Pose, and then slowly transition to Cat Pose before letting the breath out. Continue doing this for 10 breaths.


3) After that, move to your hands & feet, and get ready to go into Downward Facing Dog Pose. Feel the weight of the ground supporting your body throughout your balance, and stay here for 10 relaxing, long deep breaths in & out.


 4) From here, stand up onto your feet, and prepare to go into Standing Forward Bend Pose. This pose is designed to stretch your lower back & hamstrings (feel free to bend your knees to make it more comfortable for you). Take 10 deep breaths here.


 5) Now it's time to go into one of my favorite poses- Warrior 1 Pose. This is an excellent pose to meditate on - I like to think about my life & what I am grateful for during this pose. Hold this pose for another 10 breaths.


 6) To finish, transition into Warrior 2 Pose. This is the most difficult pose to maintain, so take your time. Focus on activating your core to stabilize your entire body, maintaining balance from head to toe. Hold here for 10 breaths.


 You're done! That shouldn't have taken more than 5 minutes. Yoga is an amazing practice, and there's tons more to learn about, but for those just starting out, this is more than adequate to get you integrated into the world of yoga and show you if it's right for you. If you tried this and you still hate yoga - good for you, at least you gave it a shot (and your spirit guides are very happy with you 😁).


See you on the flip side,

~ Dharma Vibes


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