3 Affirmations For Self-Doubt

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Have you ever told yourself "I got this" right before a stressful situation? What about "just keep going" while you were in the middle of an intense workout? If you have, you're not alone - these little things are called Affirmations, and there's a reason why so many of us hear ourselves saying them - they work!

Affirmations are an incredible tool that you can start using today to start seeing benefits of your own self-confidence. The best part about affirmations is that they're easy to use, intuitive, and can be done anytime, anywhere (even in your own mind!). Here are three of my favorite affirmations to use whenever I'm feeling self-doubt:


1. I am worthy of what is best for me.

I love this affirmation because it gets to the root of self-doubt - being unworthy of one's successes. This affirmation gives you a positive, new outlook on situations, and helps to solidify your confidence in yourself.


2.The past does not define me, and the future holds unlimited potential.

This is a great affirmation that I love to use whenever I am starting a new life project, whether it be a new business idea, a new workout routine, or just a new hobby. It gives me the drive that I need to succeed in whatever I'm pursuing.


3.Love and positivity will get me through anything that comes.

I use this affirmation whenever I am going through a tough time, particularly in relationships. It helps show me that empathy is needed to see the situation from the other perspective, which allows me to heal through understanding.


If you're new to affirmations, try using these throughout the next week and see if you notice any changes that come about (I'm willing to bet you will!). If you already know what affirmations are and have been using them already - great! Keep up the good work.


Keep the light with you always,

~ Dharma Vibes


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